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SportsBetting.ag Review

SportsBetting.ag Review

Welcome to our overview of SportsBetting.ag — one of the very unique US-facing gaming websites. And that’s for a couple of reasons:
They are among the few remaining all-in-one gambling websites. It is possible to bet on sports betting, play poker and casino games. They also offer bingo and fiscal betting.They accept US customers — from all 50 states. Again, they’re among those few that do.
They have lots of betting options and promotions, too. Some are topnotch, while others may use a little tweaking. We’ll cover all that more in a minute.
Before we reach that, though, SportsBetting.ag does not have a spotless record. Many gambling sites don’t — particularly those certified and regulated outside the united states.
However, for the sake of transparency, we think that it’s important you have some idea of what happened, when and where you can go to find out more. That way, by the time you reach the end of the review, you can make a educated decision as to whether or not SportsBetting.ag is a good match for you.Key Information Website — Sportsbetting.agLaunched at 2003Licensed and Based in PanamaEmail — cs@sportsbetting.agTelephone — 1-888-843-9027
Hit & Misses One account for Several productsSports and horse racing gambling, casino, pokerValuable bonusesUS clients acceptedMedium traffic levels in poker room
Deposit Methods
Previous Issues Perhaps you already know that, but SportsBetting.ag has been acquired by BetOnline back in 2012. Since before that, Sportsbetting.ag fought to cover their debts. In fact, they ended up $1.5 million in debt before BetOnline came in addition to their own white stallion — and paid all of the debts in total.
That’s actually the only issue directly related to SportsBetting.ag. The other issues come in BetOnline.
BetOnline includes a couple skid marks on their resume. As an instance:
They’ve lied about the network they’re connected with.They’ve lied about accepting US players.BetOnline has admitted (to clients ) about getting access to players’ passwords and login details.There are reports claiming BetOnline has confiscated thousands in player funds — for various reasons.
Do a little Googling (for BetOnline scams) and you’re sure to find lots of blog posts and forums filled to the brink with complaints, reports and so forth.
Here, I’ll save you a few minutes. Read this review . You’ll find more about some of the issues they’ve had previously.
However, one thing you’ll see is that most, if not all of what is in Google is old news. Most all I see on the first page for’BetOnline scam’ is from 2011-2012. And the stuff I am viewing from 2015 BetOnline has taken good care of.
We take this — combined with our other research — to imply that BetOnline, and thus SportsBetting.ag, has cleaned up their act in the last few years.
This does not mean that they’re ideal, or a good match for everyone. You’ll realize that is clearly not the case when you read the remainder of our review.
But gambling sites who fall behind on payments, or screw up royally elsewhere, rarely return from it. Because BetOnline (and SportsBetting.ag) failed we think that it’s reasonable to give them the benefit of the doubt — until you finish reading our review below.
Deposit and Withdrawal Options, Fees and Limits Here are the deposit choices you can use to fund your accounts (with min/max limits):
Visa — $25/ $5000
Bitcoin — $20 / $3500
Litecoin — $25 / $10,000
MasterCard — $25/ 5,000
Book to Book — $500 / No Max
American Express — $25 / $2500
Person to Person — $50 / $600
Skrill — $10 / No Max
Assess — $1500 / $24,900
Bank Wire — $1000 / No Max
Money Order — $300 / $9000
I discovered a couple changes because the last time I analyzed them.
By way of example, they have changed a few of the (max) limitations — they’ve lowered them. SportsBetting.ag has also dropped Discover, Diners Club Intl. and JCB. But they’ve added litecoin, a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but with considerably higher limitations.
These are the choices you can use to cash out (using min/max limits/fees/time framework ):
Person to Person — $50 / $400 / $26 to $101 / 5 business days
Bank Wire — $500 / $24,900 / $45 to $75 / 10 business days
Check by Mail — $500 / $2500 / $25 / 30 business days
Check by Courier — $500 / $2500 / $35 / 15 business days
Check Express — $500 / $2500 / $50 / 7 business days
Bitcoin — $20 / $5000 / Free / 48 hours
Litecoin — $25 / $10,000 / Free / 48 hours
Skrill — $25 / $9990 / $20 / 36 hours
Book to Book — $500 / $24,900 / Contact Support / 24 Hours
Again, litecoin is a brand new choice. Other than that, not much has changed to cash outs.
They continue to charge fees for cryptocurrency payments, which stinks. But considering how fast these payments processes — and how today you have two different choices — you may think it’s well worth it.
Not only that, but SportsBetting.ag gives you a $50 discount every 30 days on the money out option of your choice. But you have to ask your money out on a Friday to qualify.
Note: SportsBetting.ag also includes a $125,000 a week money out limitation (on winnings). This doesn’t count particular parlay or teaser plays, or progressive jackpots. Additionally, this is much higher than I remember seeing from other (US) gambling websites.
That is about it. I haven’t heard of any (current ) issues about gamers being compensated. So, fantastic news there — and still another reason to overlook their fees.
And if you have any questions about their bank choices, fees or anything else to do with their site, you can contact their customer service using these methods:
PHONE: 1-888-843-9027
EMAIL: cs@sportsbetting.ag
LIVE CHAT (for actual money accounts only)
Sportsbook, Casino and Poker Promotions
Following is a listing of all the core promotions in SportsBetting.ag. But keep in mind these do vary combined with every (sport) season. Thus, it’s a good idea to be linked to SportsBetting.ag in some other manner, either via social networking or perhaps their email newsletter.
Sportsbook Offers
50% Welcome Bonus
This is a 50% match bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000. This is a completely free play wager with a 12x rollover. You can only use it in the sportsbook, and as soon as you maintain it you won’t have the ability to request a cash out for 30 days.
25% Bonus for Life
Whenever you’re running on empty you can use their code, FORLIFE, and receive a 25% game sportsbook bonus on any deposit of $50 to $4,000. This includes a 6x rollover.
$25 Free Live Bet
Make your wager that is live. If your initial wager loses, Sportsbetting.ag will reimburse you up to $25. There’s a 6x rollover.
NHL Reduced Juice
Get 10-cent NHL lines.
$50 Free Mobile Bet
Make your first mobile sports wager, and if you lose, SportsBetting.ag will reimburse you around $50. This has a 6x rollover.
MLB Dime Lines
They’re offering dime lines up to -194 — the entire MLB season, all the way through to the end of the World Series.
$25 Free Horse Bet
Make your initial bet in their racebook. If your wager loses, Sportsbetting.ag will reimburse you up to $25. This has a 6x rollover.
7% Horse Rebate
Make stakes online and receive a 7% rebate. Make it on the telephone and receive a 4% rebate. There’s no limit or minimal volume of bets you want to make.
Casino Deals
Slots Match Bonus
Make a $100 (or more) deposit and also get a 100% match bonus. The maximum bonus you can receive is $1,000. It’s a 50x rollover on the bonus and deposit. If you took full advantage of this offer, that would mean you’d need to wager $100,000. This is high — therefore, I would recommend passing on this deal, or maybe not taking full advantage of this.
$25 Live Dealer Free Play
Make your first wager in their live dealer casino. In the event you eliminate Sportsbetting.ag will refund you up to $25.
25 percent Re-Up Bonus
Each deposit you make of 25 or more and you will be eligible to receive a 25% match bonus. The max bonus you can get is $1,000. This has a 50x rollover on both the bonus and deposit. You can’t use this bonus to get: blackjack, blackjack, craps, baccarat and cellular casino games.
10% Nominal Each week SportsBetting.ag will send you a 10% rebate on your losses in the preceding week. By way of example, lose $200 and you will get a $20 rebate. The maximum rebate you can receive every week is $1,000. The rollover is 50x and does not include bets made on blackjack, baccarat, blackjack, craps, live and cellular casino games.
High Stakes Bonus
All players that invest more than $75,000 in the casino qualify for their high roller bonus. The bonus ranges from $50 to $1,000, based on how much you really spend (between $75,000 and $1,000,000).
Poker Offers
Nearly all of Sportsbetting.ag’s poker promotions revolve around their championships and leaderboards. For instance:
$5,000 New Player Freeroll — Get entry once you make your first deposit.MTT Leaderboard Challenge — Get your part of a $5,000 weekly prize pool. $7,500 GT Winners Series — Win an entry for their own $50,000 GTD. $5,000 Weekly SNG Challenge — Perform for your pice of a $5,000 prize pool. $50,000 GTD — Perform their 50,000 GTD Main Event, which runs the final Sunday of each month. You can purchase in directly or satellite your way in.
But they also have a Couple of core offers, which comprises:
100% Bonus
Get a 100% match bonus on deposits of $50 to $2,500. The bonus is introduced to you in $5 increments for each 1,500 comp points you earn. You’ll have 60 days to complete the deal, or else that which you do not finish will expire.
POP Points
For every single .10 you cover in (contributed) rake at cash game or at tournament fees, you’ll receive 1 POP Point. It is possible to use POP Points to input freerolls or other real cash tournaments.
Bad Beat Jackpot
If quad jacks or better is defeated, everybody will win a share of the progressive bad beat jackpot. Here is the way the jackpot is paid out:
35 percent of the bonus to the player who has the bad beat.
5 percent to the winner of this hand.
5 percent to be divided evenly among the remaining part of the table.
30% seeded straight to the incentive for another Bad Beat Jackpot.
What I’m not fond of is the 30% used to reseed the next jackpot. That could be a great deal of money, based on how long it took between payoffs. I believe a much better approach is a flat-rate or percent using a cap. That would make sure that SportsBetting.ag has cash to reseed another jackpot, but also so that the winners have been paid the most money possible. That wraps up all of their offers. Now let’s get in their gambling choices, beginning with their sportsbook.
The Sportsbook in SportsBetting.ag
Sportsbetting.ag is exceptional because they split their markets up into two segments — Main Sports and Other Sports. Here’s what you’ll find under every one:
Main Sports
Football Tennis
Soccer Other Sports
Auto racing
Martial arts
Futures and props
This listing has changed some since the last time I reviewed them. They have added pool, softball and esports to the mixture.
eSports Betting
ESports is a place we have been paying attention . For example, we have composed a guide to betting on eSports, as well as a guide to picking the best eSports gaming websites.
The reason is simple, really — more and more sportsbooks are adding eSports for their list of markets and betting options. SportsBetting.ag is no different.
However, it appears like SportsBetting.ag is taking their time in contrast to other US-focused sportsbooks. Like Bovada. For example, Bovada is covering 17 distinct teams/matches across 5 different leagues/tournaments. And that’s JUST for Counter Strike. They cover 4+ other games, too.
As soon as I assessed SportsBetting.ag, they simply offered chances on one match. They do not provide live betting on this match, possibly (but did Bovada).
The good news is that the chances they did offer were marginally better than Bovada’s. I don’t have any way of knowing if this will always be true. And, it does not matter if they bother to expand their eSports section.
Nonetheless, it provides you reason enough to keep tabs on them’just in case.’ We are going to update this later on when and if SportsBetting.ag enhances their eSports betting options.
Alternative Betting Options
In the meantime, there are plenty of other bets you can make — such as props and futures — on other sports. You can make prospective and props bets on sports/markets for example:
Darts Futures
Golf — Futures
Golf — Round Leader
MLB Futures
Motor Sports
NBA All-Star
Rugby Futures
NHL Futures
NFL Futures
NFL Draft
NCAAFB Futures
NBA Game Experts NBA Futures
And so Forth.
They offer live betting, also.
When I checked their live betting part they had (plenty of) NBA games, college basketball, tennis and hockey. They make it very simple to know what games are coming up, involving their listing of’todays events’ and their event calendar. They also have a tab where you can add and monitor more than 1 event at a time.
Bets, Limitations and Costs The minimum bet throughout the board is $1.
Their maximum limit fluctuates. $500 is common, but I saw limitations as high as $5,000 for baseball totals, $10,000 for moneylines and $1,000 for team totals. You can also bet $15,000 on different NFL stakes and $25,000 on the Super Bowl spread. It just depends.
In the end, their limits are on par with different sportsbooks. Other bettors say their odds (line prices) are, too.
Bets can be made from the computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), your telephone or tablet (Android and iOS).
Casino Games
Sportsbetting.ag offers over 150 casino games and variants, thanks to their partnership with BetSoft.
Note: For the sake of transparency, you should know that many casinos are yanking BetSoft’s games. The main reason is because it seems their progressive jackpots can’t be obtained (because of programming mistake, some say). They’ve also denied paying a progressive jackpot winner, stating that the winning twist occurred during a bonus round (so it doesn’t account). You may learn more about it here. BetSoft has also dismissed any questions about these issues. So, if you opt to play in their casino, I advise that you do not play with max coins on the progressive machines because we can’t say you’re going to be paid should you strike it.
The following is a list of the matches you can play and any ideas we might have.
Video PokerBlackjack Games
6 Deck Blackjack
Multiplayer Blackjack
American Blackjack
Single Deck Blackjack
European Blackjack
Super 7 Blackjack
Spanish Blackjack
Pirate 21
Blackjack Switch
Double Exposure
Single Hand Blackjack
21 Burn Blackjack
What I like about their blackjack choice is how big it is. There are tons of variations to select from, rather than just concerning graphics or bets, either.
Specialty GamesCraps and Roulette
American Roulette
European Roulette
Roulette Single Zero
Not too much to mention. SportsBetting.ag covers the basics for blackjack and craps players.
Video PokerTable Poker
Poker Heads Up
Caribbean Poker
Ridem Poker
Draw High Low
Let it Ride Poker
Oasis Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
Red Dog
Three Card Poker
Pai Gow Poker
Three Card Rummy
It’s good to see they provide so a variety of table games. Like the blackjack matches, some casinos skimp here and focus on the arcade and slots games instead. So, if you’re a dining table game player, chances are you will be pleased here.
In addition to the table games listed above, SportsBetting.ag offers a small choice of live dealer games.
European Roulette
American Roulette
Blackjack Early Payout
Blackjack HD
It sucks that 2 of those games are variants, and not unique (distinct ) games. But at least they offer them, which is not something every US-facing casino can state.
Another thing that I like is how they have both women and men retailers. This, too, is something that you won’t find at each US-facing casino with live dealer games.
Specialty GamesSpecialty Games
Immediate 40-Ball Keno
Immediate 80-Ball Keno
Video Keno
Video Bingo
Klub Keno
One of those positive things about BetSoft is they are one of the few software firms I know to make keno variations.
Slots3D Slots
Aztec Treasures
The Slot Father
The Curious Machine
Mega Gems
2 Million BC
Black Gold
A Night in Paris
Curious Machine Plus
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Fruit Zen
Gold Diggers
Greedy Goblins
Gypsy Rose
House of Fun
It Came from Venus Plus
It Came from Venus
Glam Life
Missing Mad Scientist
Madder Scientist
Mamma Mia
Ned and His Friends Once Upon a Time Paco and the Popping Peppers
Slots Angels
Sugar Pop
The Legitimate Sheriff
Mr. Vegas
Three Wishes
Treasure Room
True Illusions
Under the Sea
Viking Age
Virtual Racebook 3D
Whospunit Plus
Under the Bed
I have spent quite a bit of time’reviewing’ BetSoft’s 3D slots. And, frankly, these are definitely the most entertaining slots I have played outside of a Las Vegas casino. They look and play like a video game — complete with pleasure intros, bonus rounds and cut scenes.
I highly recommend you play Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Madder Scientist and The Slotfather.
SlotsVideo Slots
7th Heaven
Monkey Money
Jackpot Jamba
The Bees
Reel Outlaws
Pharaoh King
Out of This World
Wizards Castle
The Ghouls
Five-reel Fruit Fortune
Five-reel Bounty Hunter
3-Reel Slots
Lucky 7
Triple Crown
Captain Cash
Diamond Dreams
Diamond Jackpot
Serpents Treasure
Victory Lane
Knights Conquest
Retro Sci-Fi
Mermaid’s Pearl
Pirates Revenge
Ghouls Gold
Chase the Cheese
Back in Time
Aztec Treasure
Royal Reels
There is not too much to include here. They do not have the largest selection of regular (video) slots, particularly in contrast to their competitors. However, my guess is that’s because they operate just with BetSoft, that seems to focus primarily on their 3D games.
I am not going to complain much about that, because it is these 3D slots which assist them to stand out. But if you would like to have more regular video or timeless 3-reel slots, you can always check out Bovada or even Ignition Casino.
Video PokerVideo Poker
Five draw poker
Pyramid Poker
Jacks or Better
Deuces Wild
Aces and Faces
Bonus Poker
Bonus Deluxe
Joker Poker
Double Bonus
Double Jackpot
Multi-Hand Poker
Jacks or Better
Deuces Wild
All American
Bonus Poker
Bonus Deluxe
Double Jackpot
Joker Poker
Double Bonus
Other Options Jacks or Better — 25 line Deuces Wild — 25 lineup Jokers Wild — 25 line Deuces Wild
Joker Poker
Jacks or Better
Bonus Poker
Double Bonus
Aces & Eights
Jacks or Better
Jokers Wild
Double Bonus
All American
Deuces Wild
It is just like their table and blackjack sport selections — I am impressed by all of the choices you have. They have one of the biggest video poker collections open to US players.
In general, SportsBetting.ag includes a solid casino. It is only unfortunate that BetSoft does not seem to want to do right by their customers — at least as much as progressive jackpots are concerned.
Should you decide to play with here, you are able to go with their download or instant play — which means their casino is compatible with both PC and Macs.
Most of their games are mobile friendly, too, with most games being harmonious with Android, iOS, BlackBerry and (some) Windows devices.
Online Poker in SportsBetting.ag
The poker room at SportsBetting.ag is most likely the weakest product of the 3. Not too much since their sportsbook and casino are THAT great, but since poker rooms need players, and SportsBetting.ag does not have that many.
SportsBetting.ag is on the Chico Poker Network — that is ranked 3rd in US traffic and 13th overall. At peak times, they’ll see 5,000 players online. These gamers not only come from their website, but from BetOnline and TigerGaming.com, also. Afterward their participant base is spread out within their cash games, tournaments and free money games.
The bottom line — that they have some gamers, but not enough to where you can log in at any moment and discover a game.
Notice: In the last few decades that I’ve reviewed , they’ve always been at the 3rd spot. On one hand, you need to ask, why haven’t they been able to boost their traffic? On the flip side, it is difficult to fault them for staying exactly the same — for being constant.
Now let us talk matches. The games they offer are:
HoldemOmaha7-card stud5-card stud
For money games, the spread games starting at the micros up to 5/10. Experts say most matches are going to be below the 1/2 degree, however.
Omaha is open around 1.50/3.00 — which is sort of an odd stake. But that doesn’t matter a lot, as there are not nearly as numerous omaha games operating. The same goes for stud.
Experienced SportsBetting.ag players say you will find more action at the 6-max than full-ring tables, but only by a little margin.
In any event, you will find loose, action-oriented games. Flop proportions are in the 25-30% range. Between this and the 20x that the large blind typical pot size, and anyone with the principles down will have a hard time NOT earning some cash. Particularly once you consider all of the crossover traffic that arrives from their sportsbook and casino.
Sportsbetting.ag offers awards, too.
For example, you can perform or participate in the:
$20k MTT Leaderboard — Earn points for playing MTTs. Your points will set you on the leaderboard, where you can make anywhere from $250 to $1,000 based on the amount of points you earn and your ordinary buy-in. $5k Weekly SNG Challenge — Same idea as above. Perform SNGs and make points. It is possible to earn up to $1,000 based on your ordinary buy-in and where you finish on the leaderboard. You can find 60 winners weekly. $100,000 GTD — Perform for your piece of $100,000 every week. Many tournaments you can buy for $2-$40 or 4,400 (POP) points. The last Sunday of each month they operate their 50,000 GTD, too, which you can satellite to, or buy-in directly for $90. Hit & Run Freerolls — They run freerolls with real cash prizes daily. All these have prize pools up to $100. $20k Money Rush Challenge — Perform in the Cash Race Challenge to acquire a bit of the $20,000 prize pool.
1 thing I enjoyed seeing would be the $1,000 guarantees using a $1 buy. This tourney runs each day. In addition they have a $1,000 GTD for $3 and a $500 GTD for $.50. Between overlays along with the soft areas, I’d bet these tourneys are excellent bankroll builders.
They run freerolls every hour or so, too. These generally have real cash prize pools. They may only be $100 or so, but these may be another superb way to build your bankroll.
Experts say overlays happen frequently here. That’s when a guarantee isn’t met from the players, so the poker area must pay the gap. This is great for you because there are fewer players you want to struggle through to acquire, not as much money. It also reduces how long the championship takes to playwith. Overall, a poker player with a {

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