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Utah Jazz: 300-1

It seems like the Utah Jazz, now entering their fourth full season because the Deron Williams transaction altered the roster’s framework, should have obtained the proverbial next measure by now.
Derrick Favors should have morphed to an elite warden of this paint, Enes Kanter must have turned into a constant starter and Gordon Hayward–he of the hefty four-year, $63 million contract–ought to be knocking on stardom’s door. Instead, the improvements are marginal, the progress fraught with setbacks.
As luck would have it, a different wave of gift is ready to overtake the one which showed up soon after the Williams deal. Frenchman Rudy Gobert will become the Roy Hibbert, also Dante Exum may be the next celebrity of Utah.
Or, both might struggle through the suits and starts as Hayward, Kanter and Favors. You can never be certain.
One certainty: Alec Burks is a man that is bad. And a second: Quin Snyder disturbs me.
If Tyrone Corbin was hindering progress, perhaps his dismissal will change things. New head coach Quin Snyder has shown some innovative touches during the preseason, and the Jazz are becoming better appearances. Though they’re still shooting roughly 19 threes per game (directly around the amount they shot last year), they rank first among all preseason squads in long-distance precision with a cool 37.1 percent.
This year is begun by the next wave of the youth movement. There will not be a title talk, and the drama are a pipe dream. But there’s no shortage of potential.

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