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Detroit Pistons

Vegas Over/Under: 38.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 41 The Bet: Hammer the more This is not about the Detroit Pistons’ upsidedown. All signs point to those playoff contenders having one of the greatest floors–relative to their over/under line, at leastand therefore becoming one of the league’s safest over stakes.
Everything went wrong throughout the 2016-17 effort, along with the Pistons still managed to squeeze 37 wins from their troops.
Now, they get to function with another year of advancement in Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson and the other young players, add great fits in Luke Kennard and Avery Bradley, get deeper in the frontcourt with the inclusion of Anthony Tolliver and should have a healthier version of Reggie Jackson leading the charge.
The beleaguered point protector can not play worse than he did last season, and we’ve got little reason to think that is his true degree. Since Duncan Smith composed for Piston Powered:”The question now remains whether Jackson is going to be the participant of a year ago or two years back, or if he will be somewhere in between. His priority this summer has been nothing but rehabilitation, eschewing on-court work to concentrate solely on strengthening the knee”
Even somewhere between the fringe All-Star of 2015-16 and the disaster of 2016-17 would depart the Pistons in better position, and the deepening backcourt should enable them to break him keep the knee tendinitis from flaring up again. Additionally, that is not the best news of all.
The Pistons still play in the Eastern Conference, and it is weaker than ever.

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